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Troop 71 is sponsored by:
United Methodist Church
4143 Kemp Road
Beavercreek, OH 45431

Troop 71's website is possible through the generous funding of  Rich Diesslin
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Kroger Neighborhood Rewards Program


Kroger Rewards Program
Got a Kroger Plus card?  If you associate it with Troop 71 in Kroger's Community Rewards Program, every purchase you make at Kroger benefits the troop. Each quarter, Kroger rewards participating organizations with a check, based on participation and purchases of that organization's members.

So, enroll your Kroger Plus Card in the Community Rewards program to benefit Troop 71. If you need assistance with signing up or enrolling, please call Stan Leszczuk, at 602-5299.

Detailed enrollment instructions are posted on Troop 71 website at 

Popcorn Sales to Kick-Off at Family Camp
Yes, it's that's time again when Boy Scouts sell popcorn to raise money for scout activities. As in the past, Troop 71 will kick-off popcorn sales during the Troop Family Camp, 28-30 August 2015.

The troop's popcorn kernel is Greg Costa.

2015 Summer Camp Now In The Books
2015 summer camp attendees

Summer camp 2015 is officially history. It was another great outing for the troop, returning to a venue last visited in 2012. Except this time we stayed at the northern end of Camp Tomahawk, in the White Pine camp.

2015 Memorial Day Grave Decorating
2015 Memorial Day Grave Decorating volunteers from Troop 71
(click photo for a larger version)

Twenty-two scouts, at least three sisters of scouts, one Cub Scout, and about a dozen parents from Troop 71 joined the hundreds of other volunteers at the Dayton National Cemetery. Their goal: to honor the military men and women, their spouses, and other dignitaries by decorating each grave site with a small American flag. Thank you to all of you for remembering those who served our great country.

Tecumseh Council 100-Mile Hiker Award
The TECUMSEH 100 MILE HIKER Award has been developed for the purpose of encouraging hiking among Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth Groups, and Hiking Clubs.
Tecumseh Council One Hundred Mile Patch
The application form may be found at this link.

Troop 71's point-of-contact is Mr. Bill Ruck.  Click here to send him a message.

1. Hike 100 miles
2. The award for the first 100 miles hiked is the Spearhead and the award for subsequent
sets of 100 miles is a Spear handle. You may earn as many handles as you like.
3. There is no time limit in which the awards must be earned.
4. One-day hikes should be at least ten miles.
 Exception: established trails that are five miles or more. Troop 71's 5-Mile Hike counts.
5. Backpacking hikes of 10 miles or more, with all gear carried in packs and at least one night
camped on the trail may be counted as double mileage.
6. You must use your own best judgement as to the number of miles hiked. Backpack
trips count as one total hike.
7. Leaders and youths should keep accurate record of all hikes including the mileage, date,
and name of hike.
8. For all awards make a list of all hikes taken from the start to present giving mileage, date, and name of hike or trial. Also include total present mileage. Send this in with each application. br />
Outdoor Code — As an American, I will do my best to be clean in my outdoor manners; be careful with fire; be considerate in the outdoors; and be conservation-minded.

Parents' Meeting Notes
Parents Meeting Notes Notes from the 28 April 2015 Troop 71 Parents' Meeting.