Kroger Community Rewards Program

Kroger Community Rewards Program

Troop 71 participates in the Kroger Community Rewards program that's tied to the Kroger Plus Card. Our participation serves as a year-round fundraising effort that benefits the troop, in general. For example, the troop trailer was purchased in 2012 using proceeds from the Kroger program.

As with any fundraising event, a group of people must be actively involved. How do you actively support Troop 71 via the Kroger Community Rewards Program?
  • First, associate your Kroger Plus card with Troop 71. See instructions below on how to do this.
        Don't have a Kroger Plus Card? Visit the customer service desk of your neighborhood Kroger.
  • Then, use your Plus Card each time you purchase items from Kroger.
That's it. Every three months, our troop will receive an earnings check from Kroger. The amount we earn is based on how much our registered participants spent at Kroger during those three months.

Follow directions below to enroll your Kroger Plus Card to benefit Troop 71
(or click here for a downloadable PDF version)

1. Obtain a Kroger Plus Card from your local Kroger supermarket

2. Go online to

3. Sign-in to your Kroger account or create a new one.

4. If you have not enrolled before, click the ENROLL NOW button
If you have enrolled before, click the VIEW YOUR REWARDS DETAILS button.

5. Enter 82198 as the organization number, then click SEARCH

6. Select “Aley United Methodist Church Troop 71” then click the ENROLL button

7. You will receive confirmation of your enrollment.

8. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view details

9. Done! You may sign out of your account