Electronics Lock-In; Pancake Breakfast; Scout Sunday


This is an overnight event normally held at the Scout Hut. It starts around 5:00 pm and runs until about midnight. The Scouts bring game consoles (Xbox, PS2, Wii), games, and controllers. Sometimes, someone sets up a Local LAN by linking laptops together. The boys play computer games all night. A fee is collected and Pizza is delivered during the night. Various drinks are available all night (can be lemonade in big coolers).

The next morning, some Scouts participate in the Aley Church Scout Sunday while others take part in the Aley Church pancake breakfast.  Those involved in Scout Sunday serve in various roles during the Aley Church Sunday service -- greeters, ushers, readers, etc.  Scouts and parents who are associated with the pancake breakfast prepare and serve an all-you-can-eat event for Aley churchgoers.

Scouts may volunteer for just the Scout Sunday events; however, those participating in the electronics lock-in are expected to also perform duties during the pancake breakfast.

Parents drop off their Scouts Saturday afternoon and pick them up around noon on Sunday (after the pancake breakfast).

2015 Electronics Lock-In Flyer


4:00 PM, Saturday, 07 Feb 2015 until 11:00 am, Sunday, 08 Feb 2015
- doors open around 4:00 PM
- games begin around 5:00 PM


Scout Hut, Aley United Methodist Church


$5.00 for food and drinks during the electronics lock-in portion.
Scouts and scouters participating in the Pancake Breakfast and Scout Sunday receive Service Hours.


Electronics Lock-In POC is TBD
Pancake Breakfast POC is TBD
Scout Sunday POC is TBD


BSA Consent Form (for electronics lock-in)

Electronics stuff to play during the lock-in

Sleeping bag/cot, toiletry kit, sleepwear (pajamas, sweatpants, etc.), Class A uniform (if partcipating in Pancake Breakfast and Scout Sunday)