Canoe Trip


This is typically a Friday-to-Sunday, two-overnight event. The Scouts and scouters usually travel 15-20 miles in the canoes. The plan is to camp Friday night, canoe on Saturday, then camp again on Saturday. See additional information below.


none scheduled at this time





Activity Consent Form
BSA Annual Health and Medical Record  (instructions)
Tent, sleeping bag, clothes and shoes for canoeing, change of clothes, mess kit


NOTE: This is old info shown below, but is being retained for future reference (until the next canoe trip).

BSA requires any non-Swimmer (beginner or nonswimmer on BSA Swim Test) to have an adult "Swimmer" buddy in their canoe. So, if the parent swims, but the boy doesn't, please consider parent support for this activity or potentially skipping the event.

One of the reasons for the swim party on 12 August is for a swim-test opportunity before this outing. Also, the requirement is 1 adult for every 10 boys canoeing, so we are likely to need additional parent support to the outing if we have more than 20 boys.

Meet at the Scout Hut on Friday evening (15 August) at 5:45PM. We will count heads, make sure we can fill canoes appropriately, and then depart for Morrow, OH (40 miles, 55 minutes). Again, we'll need adult support for driving boys (and gear, unless someone wants to pull the trailer). There will be a Cracker Barrel on Friday, but not a full dinner so please eat early, or bring something to eat on the way (with adult/driver approval).

We will camp overnight at the campsite next to the river, and then pick up canoes the next morning after breakfast. The canoe livery will drive boys and canoes upstream, we'll canoe back downstream. Once we return the canoes, we'll camp overnight again, and be ready for pickup/return-home probably by about 9AM Sunday morning.

Information needed by Mr. James: (click above link to send e-mail)

- Names of attendees, and whether they're a Swimmer (MUST BE BSA SWIM-TESTED THIS YEAR!)

--- If we don't have enough adults to support the number of boys signed-up, we'll have to cancel

--- If we can't make "safe" canoes with an adult swimmer to support non-swimmers, we may have to turn the non-swimmers away.

- Names of adults who can support by driving to AND/OR from Morrow, OH, and how many passengers you can take

- Any food restrictions

- If a Patrol wants to cook as a unit: THEY WILL HAVE TO PLAN FOOD (To include lunch on the river somewhere)

Mr. James is planning to handle food (except for any Patrols cooking for themselves) for the entire trip, as it's short-notice and limited opportunity for group-planning. If someone wants to help with that, please let him know in your e-mail.