Bike Hike


This is a Saturday-to-Sunday overnight event. The Scouts ride about 25 miles each day. This is a “casual pace” trip, not a race or endurance marathon. Frequent rests are taken. Scouts and adults travel in groups and meet at pre-selected rest areas to regroup. A route is selected that will provide a safe trip. We have plenty of bike paths in our area. The start and stop locations are chosen by the activity leader. At the end of the day's ride, everybody camps at a location 25 miles from your start point. Scouts camp by Patrol and plan/cook meals for themselves. As usual, adults plan, cook, and take their meals separate from the scouts. The trip normally start around 9:00 am Saturday morning, stops for lunch, and ends at the camping site.  Camping gear is transported to the site aboard the troop trailer. The next day, the Scouts ride back either on the same route or a different route. During the bike trip, vehicles follow (where possible) and meet the Troop at rest stops to provide extra water, transportation for exhausted scouts (and their bikes), and to help in any emergency situations.


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Activity Consent Form
Bicycle with multiple gears


The activity leader usually schedules a bike inspection several days before the actual Bike Hike to assess the condition of the bicycles and hopefully identify any problems that need resolution.  The goal is to minimize breakdowns during the bike hike.  Then, a tune-up ride is scheduled to familiarize participants with the dynamics of riding in a group.  The tune-up ride is usually 10 miles.