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2015 Wreath Sales
Wreath Sales

Wreath Sales

Wreath Sales

Event Description Annual BSA wreath sales.

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Use this to track orders by individual customers.
Door to Door Customer Order sheet (.pdf version)

This Scout Wreath Sales Summary must be turned in no later than
Tuesday, 17 November 2015 to Mrs. Reuter or Mrs. Carnevale.
Date and Time 6 October - 17 November 2015
Location N/A
Cost depends on wreath purchased
Activity Leader(s) Nancy Reuter: 427-7781
Betsy Carnevale, 426-0745
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Required Items Wreath Orders
Troop 71's annual wreath sale starts Tuesday, October 06, 2015. Please make sure you use current 2015 forms because there are some changes in product and price.

Completed orders must be turned in to or emailed to Mrs. Reuter or Mrs. Carnevale by Tuesday, November 17th. Please confirm with either Mrs. Reuter or Mrs. Carnevale that your order has been correctly received.

Pickup will occur on Saturday, November 28 between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM at the Reuter's house. Directions will be provided when orders are submitted.

Complete payment for orders are due by Tuesday, December 8. Please do not mail payments. You may submit payment on pick-up day, or submit payment to the Reuter's or Carnevale's.

Due to numerous mathematical errors in past years, it will be necessary for you to obtain payment by checks, if possible from your customers. If they must pay cash, THE PARENTS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO WRITE ONE CHECK FOR ALL CASH ORDERS.

Thank you for your cooperation.