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Popcorn Sales
Boy Scouts of America

Event Description Annual BSA fund-raising event

REMEMBER!  Scouts who sell more than $600 get the exciting Zyclone shooter.  Also, they are entered for a prize each time they sell $600 in popcorn.  Prizes include an iPod, Dave and Buster's gift certificate, free camp, Tecumseh Council Scout Store gift certificate, a tent, and more!
Date and Time September and October 2012
Location Show-and-Sell locations:
  -- Beavercreek Kroger store on Dayton-Xenia Road
  -- Beavercreek Lowes Home Improvement on North Fairfield Road (near Fairfield Commons Mall)
  -- Beavercreek K-Mart on Dorothy Lane (across The Greene)
Cost None, unless one purchases the popcorn
However, scouts who sell popcorn will receive a commission that will be deposited into their scout account.
Activity Leader Mr. Dennis Hernit. (937) 320-5876,
Required Items None.
All scouts will receive Take Order forms during the troop kick-off event.
Sign-up to participate in Show-and-Sell booths or to obtain Show-and-Deliver popcorn.
Show-and-Sell schedule
Show-and-Deliver popcorn request form
Bike Inspection dates for 2012:  3 and 10 April 2012

The activity leader usually schedules a bike inspection several days before the actual Bike Hike to assess the condition of the bicycles and hopefully identify any problems that need resolution.  The goal is to minimize breakdowns during the bike hike.  Then, a tune-up ride is scheduled to familiarize participants with the dynamics of riding in a group.  The tune-up ride is usually 10 miles.