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It's Popcorn Time!
Yes, it's that time of the Boy Scout year again when we dive head-first into selling popcorn. The Troop 71 Popcorn Page has all the info you need for this year's sales.

For those new to the troop, please remember that all the troop's commissions for popcorn sales go to your scout. So, it's 100% benefit for the boys to sell popcorn. Of course, that's in addition to the cool prizes.

Some important dates to remember:
  • September 16 - First Money turn in and inventory update due
  • October 14 - Second Money turn in and inventory update due
  • October 21 - Popcorn, order sheets, prize selections and show-and-Deliver money turn in at Aley church
  • November 18 - Ordered popcorn delivery at Aley church
  • November 25 -  All final popcorn money due at Aley church
Additional information may be found on this Popcorn Flyer.

Below is the link to the google doc for Show-and-Sell popcorn at local retailers.

This year's Popcorn Kernels are Greg and Judy Costa, assisted by Donna Murray-Hill. Send them a message via this contact page.

Camp Gerber Merit Badge Status
The document at this link shows the status of merit badge classess our scouts took at Camp Gerber.


Summary of week's events: Saturday: Travel & cookout on Lake Michigan hosted by Vokits (A Carnevale's grandparents)
Sunday: Check-in, swim tests, some setup
Monday: Program start; Troop 71 was "host" for Lunch & Dinner
Tuesday: Program
Wednesday: Cooked camp-provided lunch in campsite; Dinner cooked in camp by the Troop (we went fancy, so it was cooked mostly by adults during program time); Tapping ceremony for Order of the Arrow
Thursday: Mostly program - prank & Iron Chef planning
Friday: T71 had morning flags (posted our Ohio State Buckeye flag); Iron Chef execution; Firebowl closing (in separate album)
Saturday: Returned to Beavercreek

-  T71 @ Vokit's (Carnevale's grandparents) on Lake Michigan:
-  T71 @ Gerber Scout Reservation - the whole week @ camp:
-  Gerber Scout Reservation "Firebowl" Closing Celebration -- have your Scout tell about these photos (very few photos of our boys - mostly of staff skits):

Click here for more Summer Camp photos by Troop 71 Beavercreek OH.
Click here for photos received on 21 July 2014

Summer Camp photos received on 23 July 2014

Sea Base St. Thomas in 2015
There are still scout and adult spots left for Troop 71's trip to Seabase St. Thomas next summer. Sign up and pay your deposit by Aug 1st to save your spot. After Aug 1, the remaining slots will be offered outside of the troop.

Must be 14 years old or 13 and out of 8th grade by June 14, 2015.

Any questions? -email Cherish Lesko at

New BSA Annual Health and Medical Record
The Boy Scouts of America recently published an update to the Annual Health and Medical Record. 

If you or your son is attending Summer Camp (or any scout event lasting more than 72 hours) and have not yet completed the Annual Health and Medical Record, please use the new form found on   (This has Parts A, B, and C)
- Instructions are posted on
- Also, please note these Risk Factors found on

For events shorter than 72 hours, use this form   (This has Parts A and B only)

For High Adventure events, use the appropriate form.
    Florida Sea Base, plus the PADI Medical Statement
    Northern Tier
    Philmont Training Center (or this form for Limited Back Country treks)

Shop and Help Tecumseh Council
Amazon has a new feature where 0.5% of your purchases will help support your favorite non-profit organization. Tecumseh Council has enrolled in this program. Just click this link when you shop and help your local Scouting program.

Over-the-Counter Medication Authorization Forms
Scouts who take over-the-counter (OTC) medicines during a BSA-sponsored event must have an authorization form on file withTroop 71.  This will give Troop 71 leaders permission to administer the OTC drugs during the event.  Two versions of the authorization form are available: 

A generic authorization form that may be used by any BSA troop;
A Troop 71-specific authorization form (same as the generic form, but with Troop 71 already identified)


Click here for Merit Badge Counselors of Troop 71
Hiking Merit Badge
Hiking Merit Badge Hiking Merit Badge satisfies an Eagle requirement for completing Swimming, Hiking, or Cycling MB. This is a physically demanding MB and a Scout must be prepared to complete the five 10-mile and one 20-mile hikes.

Scouts interested in earning the Hiking MB must complete a Blue Card and turn in to Mr. Bill Ruck. Prepare and implement a plan to prepare for the 10-mile hikes (as per Requirement 3) and turn in to Mr. Ruck with your Blue Card. It is highly recommended that you begin a conditioning program in June to be prepared for the 10-mile hikes. You should keep a log of your fitness activities related to preparing for the first 10-mile hike.

Additional info available on this flyer.
Hiking MB worksheets from

New Merit Badge Requirements for Eagle Scout Rank
Merit BadgesCooking Merit Badge is now required for the Eagle Scout rank. All Scouts who did not earn Eagle by the end of 2013 must complete the Cooking merit badge for Eagle, no matter when they started working on that rank.

Also, after its introduction in the 2013 Jamboree, the Sustainability Merit Badge is now an option.  Scouts must earn either the Environmental Science or Sustainability merit badge as an Eagle Scout requirement.  Scouts may get both merit badges, but only one will count towards the total number of Eagle-required merit badges. 

The minimum number of merit badges required for the Eagle Scout will remain at 21. Scouts must now earn 13 Eagle-required and 8 elective badges to attain Eagle Scout rank.